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Study on a diamond Schottky barrier diode energy converter for nuclear batteries

Xu Han, Zhen Wang, Fanqiu Cao, Pengfei Qu, Peng Jin, and Zhanguo Wang

  • 1. Laboratory of Solid-State Optoelectronic Information Technology, Institute of Semiconductors; 
  • 2. Center of Materials Science and Optoelectronics Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 

Corresponding Author: Peng Jin,

Abstract: Nuclear batteries have attracted many attentions because of their long lifetime. Due to the large band gap and high radiation tolerance, diamond is an ideal material for the fabrication of the energy converter for nuclear batteries. In this work, a diamond Schottky barrier diode energy converter was prepared, and the performance of the device was studied by electron-beam induced current (EBIC) method. The energy converter can work under an electron beam irradiation with a beam current of μA order. The open-circuit voltage of the device is around 0.8 V, and a short-circuit current of several mA can be achieved. The maximum energy conversion efficiency of 3.19% is obtained under the beam current of 0.2 μA at 26 keV.

Key words: diamond; Schottky barrier diode; EBIC; MPCVD

Cite as: JOSarXiv.202402.0001

Recommended references: Xu Han, Zhen Wang, Fanqiu Cao, Pengfei Qu, Peng Jin, Zhanguo Wang . (2024). Study on a diamond Schottky barrier diode energy converter for nuclear batteries. [JOSarXiv.202402.0001]   (Copy)

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Manuscript received: 28 February 2024

Manuscript published: 28 February 2024

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