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Graphene oxide films integrated with nanowires and ring resonators for nonlinear optics

David Moss

  • Swinburne University of Technology; 

Corresponding Author: David Moss,

Abstract: We report enhanced nonlinear optics in nanowires, waveguides, and ring resonators by introducing layered two-dimensional (2D) graphene oxide (GO) films through experimental demonstration. The GO films are integrated on silicon-on-insulator nanowires (SOI), high index doped silica glass, and silicon nitride (SiN) waveguides and microring resonators (MRRs), to demonstrate an improved optical nonlinearity including Kerr nonlinearity and four-wave mixing (FWM). By using a large-area, transfer-free, layer-by-layer GO coating method with photolithography and lift-off processes, we integrate GO films on these complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible devices. For SOI nanowires, significant spectral broadening of optical pulses in GO-coated SOI nanowires induced by self-phase modulation (SPM) is observed, achieving a high spectral broadening factor of 4.34 for a device with a patterned film including 10 layers of GO. A significant enhancement in the nonlinear figure of merit (FOM) for silicon nanowires by a factor of 20 is also achieved, resulting in a FOM > 5. For Hydex and SiN waveguides, enhanced FWM in the GO-coated waveguides is achieved, where conversion efficiency (CE) enhancements of up to 6.9 dB and 9.1 dB relative to the uncoated waveguides. For MRRs, an increase of up to ~10.3 dB in the FWM CE is achieved due to the resonant enhancement effect. These results reveal the strong potential of GO films to improve the nonlinear optics of nanowires, waveguides, and ring resonators.

Key words: 2D materials; nonlinear optics; CMOS compatible photonic platforms; graphene oxide; Kerr nonlinearity; four-wave mixing

Cite as: JOSarXiv.202206.0003

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Manuscript received: 17 June 2022

Manuscript published: 20 June 2022

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