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Anisotropic Mechanical, Optical and Electric Transport Properties of Monolayer TiNI

Shujuan Li1, Min Li2, Chenggong Zhang1, Kunyue Shi1, and Peiji Wang1

  • 1. University of Jinan; 
  • 2. Shandong University; 

Corresponding Author: Peiji Wang,

Abstract: Two-dimensional materials with anisotropy have always been sought by researchers. In this paper, we report a stable two-dimensional TiNI monolayers with anisotropic mechanical, optical and electrical transmission properties. Using non-equilibrium Green's function combined with density functional theory, we find that two-dimensional TiNI has mechanical, optical and electron transport properties dependent on lattice orientation. Moreover, the maximum Young's modulus of the single-layer TiNI can reach can reach 160 N·m-1. The calculation of electrical transport properties also shows that TiNI monolayer has anisotropic electron transport performance, and two-dimensional TiNI tends to transmit current along the direction b, and the intensity of its electron transport is about 6 times that of the transmission along the direction a. The anisotropic mechanical and optical properties, adjustable band gap and unique electron transport characteristics make two-dimensional TiNI potentially valuable in the field of nano-optoelectronics.

Key words: First-principles Calculation; Two-dimensional Materials; Electron Transport Properties; Optical Properties

Cite as: JOSarXiv.202204.0004

Recommended references: Shujuan Li, Min Li, Chenggong Zhang, Kunyue Shi, Peiji Wang . (2022). Anisotropic Mechanical, Optical and Electric Transport Properties of Monolayer TiNI. [JOSarXiv.202204.0004]   (Copy)

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Manuscript received: 30 April 2022

Manuscript published: 07 May 2022

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