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  • Improved efficiency and photo-stability of methylamine-free perovskite solar cells via cadmium doping

    Yong Chen, Yang Zhao, Qiufeng Ye, Zema Chu, Zhigang Yin, Xingwang Zhang, Jingbi You

    JOSarXiv.201912.0003     (Submitted on 2019-12-31)

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    Although perovskite solar cells containing methylamine cation can show high power conversion efficiency, stability is a concern. Here, methylamine-free perovskite material CsxFA1–xPbI3 was synthesized by a one-step method. In addition, we incorporated smaller cadmium ions into mixed perovskite lattice to partially replace Pb ions to address the excessive internal strain in perovskite structure. We have found that the introduction of Cd can improve the crystallinity and the charge carrier lifetime of perovskite films. Consequently, a power conversion efficiency as high as 20.59% was achieved. More importantly, the devices retained 94% of their initial efficiency under 1200 h of continuous illumination.