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  • Inherent Resolution Limit on Nonlocal Wavelength-to-time Mapping with Entangled Photon Pairs

    Ye Yang, Xiao Xiang, Feiyan Hou, Runai Quan, Baihong Li, Wei Li, Ninghua Zhu, Tao Liu, Shougang Zhang, Ruifang Dong, and Ming Li

    JOSarXiv.201912.0001     (Submitted on 2020-01-02)

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    Nonlocal wavelength-to-time mapping between frequency entangled photon pairs generated with the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion is theoretically analyzed and experimentally demonstrated. The spectral filtering pattern experienced by one photon in the photon pair will be non-locally mapped into the time domain when the other photon propagates inside a dispersion-compensation fiber with large group velocity dispersion. Our work, for the first time, points out that the spectral bandwidth of the pump laser will become the dominated factor preventing the improvement of the spectral resolution when the involved group velocity dispersion is large enough, which provides an excellent tool of characterizing the resolution of a nonlocal wavelength-to-time mapping for further quantum information applications.